Members Area

Here we have the portals for the various special interest groups and forms that are used for renewing membership, and getting reimbursement for expenses.

Digital Special Interest Group

We have a group that is interested in using the various soundcard programs, such as fldigi, and APRS, as well as Packet Radio. The NIttany Amateur Radio Club maintains a APRS digippeater on 144.390 MHz, and a Packet Radio station on 145.030 MHz at our Mountaintop site.

Upgrade to Extra Group

From time to time, we will have people wanting to upgrade from General to Extra. Check here to see if one is going on now.


Membership form

2017-18 Membership Application in .pdf format

2017-18 Membership Application in .doc format

Expense Report Form

Fillable Expense Reconciliation Form in .pdf format

Club Bylaws

Nittany Amateur Radio Club Bylaws

Pennsylvania QSO Party Forms

Pennsylvania QSO Party form and Rules Package

Rules only

Summary Sheet

Log sheet

Dupe Sheet

NARC Repeater Information

146.85 Repeater Instructions

146.85 Repeater Description