PA QSO Party Sponsors

Our party wouldn't be half as nice without the support of sponsors that make the nice trophies for our division winners possible! Here are these generous folk:

Band Awards

80 meter High Power Score - The Berwick Contest Team, WQ3N
160 Meter High Power Score - Evan Duffey KN3O
20 meter OOS Score "Good Neighbor" - Tad Danley K3TD
6 Meter High Power Score - KE3AAR

Out of USA Awards

DX - Alfred J. Zelna - N3KAE
VE2 Plaque - Blair Bates K3YD
VE3 Plaque - Columbia-Montour ARC
Western VE - Anthony "Goody" Good K3NG

Mobile Awards

Carpetbagger OOS mobile (out of State Ops operating in PA mobile class - Pete Kobak - K0BAK
Mobile-Single - The Somerset ARC
Mobile-Multi - Skyview Amateur Radio Society
Most counties Activated Mobile-Single - Mark Schreiner NK8Q
Most counties Activated Mobile-Multi - Need a Sponsor

Rover Awards

Rover Single - Bob Crossland N3FR
Rover Multi-Op - Need a sponsor
Rover Most Counties activated Need a Sponsor

County Line Awards

County Line High Power Single - No sponsor
County Line High Power Multi - No Sponsor

Portable Station Awards

Portable Single - Eric Brooks N3EB
Portable Multi - Harrisburg Radio Amateur's Club

Time Zone Awards

Eastern Time Zone High Power - Murgas Amateur Radio Club
Eastern Time Zone Low Power - Patrick Moyer W3RGA
Central Time Zone High Power - Need a Sponsor
Central Time Zone Low Power - Randy George N3ZK
Mountain Time Zone High Power - Need a Sponsor
Mountain Time Zone Low Power - Carmine and Elaine Prestia, K3CWP and K3ERP
Pacific Time Zone High Power - Need a Sponsor
Pacific Time Zone Medium Power - Need a Sponsor

Mode Awards

CW In-State - Bud Trench - AA3B
CW Out-of State - Chip Morgan N3IW - Caitlin Morgan N3CMM
PSK31 - Ed Breneiser WA3WSJ
SSB PA - Pete "TheGreek" Varounis NL7XM
SSB out of State - Need a Sponsor

QRP Awards

QRP In-State - Penn Wireless Association
QRP Out-of-State - Jim Gooch - NA3V

Operator Awards

Single Op Low Power EPA - Duane Travor - WV2B
Single Op High Power EPA - Brian Cox - KB3ORR
Single Op Low Power WPA - Radio Association of Erie
Single Op High Power WPA - Wireless Association of South Hills
Multi-Single - Tuscarora Amateur Radio Association
Multi-Multi - Bill Barnes N3JIX and


Passaneau Memorial/NARC Single Op Mike Coslo N3LI
First Timer PA Single Op - Steven, Andrew, and Joe Stepansky
KC3WX, N3VZ, and KQ3F

Sponsors note:

You can pay via Paypal or your major credit card, or by the traditional "Check via Mail" method. The preferred method is PayPal or credit card.

In addition, new sponsors make certain to check with the Party Chairman before remitting any payment.


If you wish to continue paying by check, mail as usual to:

Sponsor c/o Nittany Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 614
State College, PA 16801