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Pennsylvania QSO Party 2011 Official Rules

Purpose of the party

Pennsylvania Amateurs try to contact as many other amateurs in Pennsylvania, the United States, Canada and the world. Pennsylvania Amateurs receive multipliers for each Pennsylvania county, US and Canadian section, and one multiplier for DX entities.

Non Pennsylvania Amateurs try to contact as many Pennsylvania Amateurs as possible. Non-Pennsylvania Amateurs receive a multiplier for each Pennsylvania County with a QSO.

A Pennsylvania Amateur is defined as an Amateur operating in the State of Pennsylvania, without regard to the Amateur’s home address. Other Operators are considered Out-of-state.

Operating Periods1600Z October 08 to 0500Z October 09, and 1300Z October 09 to 2200Z October 09.

Bands for the QSO Party:

160 meters, 80 meters, 75 meters, 40 meters, 20 meters, 15 meters, 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters, Above 2 meters, QSOs are permitted, but those frequencies are not much in use for the party at this time. Interested Operators are encouraged to set up skeds if desired.

Suggested Frequencies:

SSB: 1.850, 3.825, 7.200, 14.280, 21.380, 28.480, 50.125, 146.55. Note that 12, 17, 30, 60 meter and repeater QSOs are not permitted. CW: 40 KHz up from the bottom and 1810KHz PSK: 3.580, 7.080, 14.07015, 21.080, 50.250 RTTY: 3.580, 7.080, 14.080, 21.080, 28.080 160 meters Try at 0300Z Sunday Follow 160 meter band plan

Hi Band Activity periods

Sat and Sun: 10M – 1800Z 15M – 1900Z 20M – 2000Z SSB on the hour, CW on the half hour.

Mobile Window5 KHz below listed suggested frequencies. Keep this area clear for weak mobiles.

ExchangeSequential serial number plus county or ARRL or Canadian section (see Canadian sections for details). Stations on county line give out 1 serial number per contact plus multiple county multipliers.

Work stations once per band and mode. Work Rovers and mobiles again as they change counties.


QSO points: CW = 2 points/QSO

PSK = 2 points/QSO

RTTY = 2 points/QSO

SSB =1 point/QSO

FM = 1 point/QSO

Special Event or bonus Station QSO = 200 points bonus per QSO

The Special Event Station for the 2011 PAQSO Party is K3SMT operated by the Somerset County Amateur Radio Club.

Entry Divisions

Single operator Medium power – 6 to 150 Watts

Single Operator QRO – 151 Watts to Legal band limit

QRP Operator - 5 Watts or less

Single Operator CW only - 150 Watts or less

Multi-Single - Only one signal on air at a time



Single OP Portable

Multi-Single - Only one signal on air at a time

Portable Multi - Multi

Mobile - Single

Mobile - Multi


Station Definitions

A Home station is a station that is operated from a fixed position. It does not need to be a domicile. Club stations are considered home stations.

A Portable station is a station that is set up for the purpose of operating in the party, with the intention of teardown in the post party period. Typical of a portable station would be operations from a camp cabin or tent. Antennas are not restricted, but are typically more home station like. Portable stations are not restricted in their power source. Battery, Generator, or mains power is perfectly acceptable.

A Mobile station is a station that is capable of operation while moving. Moving is defined as travel in a legal manner on Pennsylvania Highways. The antenna must be of a type generally accepted as a mobile antenna. Mobile stations are not required to be in motion while operating. For the purposes of the party, to be counted as a mobile, you must be operating within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Note that this does not exclude mobile operation outside of Pennsylvania. It means that outside of the commonwealth, there are no mobile bonuses available, so no need for the designation. A mobile single station is one single operator, a Mobile Multi-Operator is an Operator plus a driver.

A Rover station is a station that is capable of moving from one place to another, but is typically using an antenna that is set up on site, then torn down and moved to another site. Rovers do not operate as a mobile en route between stations.

QRP operations are those operations at a power of 5 watts or less. They may be undertaken on any station setup capable of operation at 5 watts or less. If a QRP multiplier is to be claimed, the entire party must have been run at QRP level.

Multipliers for Pennsylvania Stations:

ARRL Sections + Canadian Sections + PA Counties + 1 DX. See Canadian Section explanation for details.

Multipliers for Stations operating outside of Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Counties.

Final Score = Total points times Total Multipliers.

QRP Operation Bonus Multiplier = Total Points times 2.

PA Mobile operation Bonus points:

Add 500 Points to final score for each county you operated from where you made at least 10 QSOs.

PA Rover operation Bonus points

Add 500 Points to final score for each location you operated from where you made at least 10 QSOs.

Additional Mobile and Rover rules

A Mobile station must be truly mobile, using an antenna accepted as a mobile antenna, and capable of moving between counties without any setup/teardown. Note that adjusting taps on a “Bugcatcher” antenna is not considered to be setup or teardown.

Mobile stations identify by the addition of /M or /(county) to their call signs for CW, RTTY, and PSK and spoken Mobile on SSB or FM.

Mobile stations must submit a summary for each county operated from, and an aggregate summary for the party.

Rover stations identify by the addition of /R or /(county) to their call signs for CW, RTTY, and PSK and spoken Rover on SSB or FM.

Rover stations must travel 5 miles or more between stops to be eligible for the 500 point bonus.

Rover stations must submit a summary for each county operated from, and an aggregate summary for the party.

County Line Stations

County line stations may be either Home Stations or Portable stations. Mobile or Rover stations are not eligible. Note: if a station that is essentially a mobile station ie, a transceiver in a vehicle with a mobile antenna wished to run county line, they could do so, but at the expense of being mobile. That would be their position for the entire party, and they would enter as a county line station, and not as a mobile.

A County line station is defined as follows. The station must be situated very near the boundaries of at least two or more adjacent counties. Ideally the antenna should cross the boundary, but safety and practicality do not always allow that. Many boundaries are in the middle of rivers or highways. The key element is that the station must be set up as near as practical to the adjacent borders. Party officials are available to determine admissibility of any county line station setup.

Bonus Stations:

The PAQSO party will at it’s discretion have a special bonus station during the party. The station may consist of a single station, multiple stations in different counties, or other novel operations. QSOs with the bonus station are worth 200 points, and any multiplier that has not been claimed yet. The Bonus Station for 2011 is K3SMT operated by the Somerset County Amateur Radio Club.

Entry Materials:

Entry materials consist of a log and dupe sheets and an official summary sheet or reasonable facsimile. 100 points will be deducted for each duplicate QSO found. All entry materials can be downloaded from the website.

Entry materials must be received by November 15th following the party in one of three ways:

1 Paper copies of all materials may be sent via US Mail or other delivery service

2 Electronic logs on CD may also be sent vial US Mail or other delivery service.

3 Electronic Logs may be submitted via email to paqsolog@nittany-arc.net

Note: do NOT send email communications to the paqsolog address. That address is set up exclusively for logs. Non-log email submissions will not get to us. Use the regular email addresses for the party chairs. mcoslo@comcast.net or w3jxp@comcast.net.


A donation of 3 dollars or more along with your entry will help us to defray mailing and printing costs associated with the party, and will be greatly appreciated.

Whatever method of submitting a log, an official Summary sheet or reasonable facsimile must be filled out and mailed to the Nittany ARC for the party. An official summary that can be filled out on-line ant that will calculate the score from your input is available at http://www.nittany-arc.net/paqsoforms.html Just fill it out, print it, and mail it.

Mailing address: PAQSO Party 2011 c/o NARC

P.O. Box 614 State College PA 16804-0614

Logs submitted without a mailed summary sheet will be treated as a check log

Plaques and Awards

Plaques go to top scorers in all entry divisions plus: Single Op Out of State Eastern Time Zone Central Time Zone Western Time Zone Out of State Medium Power Out of State QRP Top Canadian Entry DX Single Op Medium Power EPA Single OP High Power EPA Single Op Medium Power WPA Single OP High Power WPA Rover Single or Multi single Rover Multi-Multi 20 meter "Good Neighbor" - to be considered for this award, submit total 20 meter QSO's.

Plaque for top first time entrant

Intended to encourage new contesters, a plaque can be awarded to the top single operator from Pennsylvania who enters the party for the first time. If you got your feet wet logging or operating briefly at a multi-op station, you are still eligible. This is not an award for “Big Guns from other contests. The decision as to eligibility for this award is the Contest chairs.

All 67 County Plaque

If you work all 67 counties during the party, a special plaque can be awarded in recognition of that feat. To order submit a 67 county summary sheet to aid the log checkers in addition to the regular summary listing the pertinent details. Then enclose a check for 28 dollars made payable to NARC.

Club Competition Award

A Trophy is awarded to top club competition Station

Certificates to 2nd through 5th place Club competition

The winner is determined by summation of the scores of club members. The current status of club members is determined by a list that is provided by a club officer, preferably the club president. The PAQSO chair will ask for the list after the party and the top club scores become apparent.

County and Section Certificates

Certificates will be mailed to county and section winners. To qualify for a certificate, the Operator must compile more points than other operators from that section or county. In some cases, a mobile operator may be the leading scorer from several counties. In that event, the mobile Op will receive the corresponding certificates. The PAQSO party administration will mail the certificates to the respective winners.

Special Certificates

The PAQSO Party may at times offer special certificates for various achievements in the party. These certificates will usually be awarded after the achievement has been made, and after receiving a Self addressed stamped envelope.

Participation T Shirts

Anyone participating in the Party in any way is eligible for a PAQSO Party participant T-Shirt. To order, mark on the summary sheet the Shirt (s) and size (s) desired, and a check for 15 dollars for each shirt made payable to NARC.

Canadian Sections

The Canadian sections in use by the PAQSO party have been changed.

Nova Scotia NS (VE1)

Quebec QC (VE2)

Ontario ON (VE3)

Manitoba MB (VE4)

Saskatchewan SK (VE5)

Alberta AB (VE6)

British Columbia  BC (VE7)

Northwest Territories NT (VE8)

New Brunswick NB (VE1, VE9)

Newfoundland-Labrador NL (VO1, VO2)

Nunavut NU (VY0)

Yukon Territories YT (VY1)

Prince-Edward Island PE (VY2)

Logging programs

N1MM free contest logging


WB3W-logging program


N3FJP-Amateur Contact Log Program




W3KM-Genlog Software


The PAQSO Website is located at:


The PAQSO Party reflectorTo subscribe, send a two word message “subscribe paqso” to majordomo@QTH.net

Electronic logs to:


PAQSO Party Chair Michael J Coslo N3LI

PAQSO Party Co-Chair John Passaneau, W3JXP

Pre-Party Net

To check on party activity regarding mobiles, portables, rovers and general information, there will be a net on Friday, October 8, at 0000Z 3.910 LSB +/-.