For our Mobile and Rover Ops

How is a Mobile or Rover scored in PAQP?

Mobiles and Rovers are truly the heart and soul of the Pennsylvania QSO Party. These steadfast Ops put in the work and the miles to activate rare counties, and they have a blast doing it. Operating mobile is without a doubt, my favorite way to participate in the Party. A nice early fall day and evening, getting out to the hinterlands and enjoying the scenery, and Ham radio - who could ask for a better time?

We get questions from ops about how a mobile operator is scored in the PAQSO Party, as well as some ideas on how they should be scored. The first time you participate as a mobile, it could be a little bit of a head scratching moment.

To get to basics, our mobiles and Rovers get a 500 point bonus for every county activated with at least 10 QSO's. The mobile station must be capable of operating while moving down the highway. The Rover is using any antenna they can work with.

Otherwise, they score the same as everyone else.

But post party, how on earth do they know what they scored?

Here's how....

We have provided a fillable pdf form that will calculate your score for you.

The mobile or rover station should fill out the following forms:

An aggregate form that has their total number of QSO's their total number of county bonuses, and the total number of bonus station contacts. This form has their entire score for the entire party.

A sub summary for each county they operated in. If you operate in a county but with less than 10 QSO's you still get the QSO's, but not the 500 point bonus.

And here's how we do it......

Let's assume that I operated in 10 different counties, with 10 CW and 10 SSB contacts in each. I also had 1 contact with the bonus station.

I operated in BLA, CEN, CLE, CLI, CRN, ELK, FOR, JUN, MIF, and SNY Counties.

That comes out to 1 Aggregate, and 10 sub summary sheets.

On the aggregate summary, I would have all of the contacts for the entire party, plus the total bonuses and the total bonus station contacts.

Here is a sample pdf file of what the aggregate pdf would look like

Next, we make out a sub-summary for the individual counties. For the county you operated in, you would put your total contacts for that county - in this case, 10 CW, and 10 SSB.

Since 20 contacts qualify you for a bonus in that county, you would enter 1 in the bonus box.

You would enter the total counties and sections for the entire party for each county sub-summary as well.

Here is a sample pdf of a county without a bonus station contact.

If you had a contact with the Bonus Station, you would enter the contacts on the county sub-summary

Here is a sample pdf of a county with a bonus station contact.

Send your logs and the summaries to our log robot, and it's all good.

Note that if you have a lot of counties and a lot of summary Sheets, you can contact , and set up a dropbox for you.


For those who would like to see what the entire summary batch I described looks like, here are the individual pdf files of each of the 10 counties, plus the aggregate summary.