The PAQSO Party October 11 and 12, 2014

Big Changes in Store for the Party in 2014 We think you'll really like them!

The dreaded mailed in summary requirement has gone away. It is History. While you can still mail in your summary if you wish, we think you might just enjoy e-mailing it in a little better. You can email your summary and log sheet to

The Received Logs pages have gone away. What seemed like a good idea just made for 30 trips to hunt down 1 log each, instead of 1 trip to hunt down 30 logs. It added a lot of time to the post party work, and didn't do what it was supposed to do.

We've gone back to the old school method of people checking the Preliminary scores.If You don't see your score, we'll make sure you get in there, we still love ya! Worked well in the past, and will again.


We've opened a PAQSO Party Store for you to get all your PAQSO Party Goodies.

This year we've added some nifty High quality baseball caps in addition to our traditional T-shirts.

We also take donations. Use your Paypal or credit card. We're just happy for the support to help cover the housekeeping.

Check it out!

2014 PAQSO Party Bonus Station

W3TDF - Operated by the QCWA Chapter 17, celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the New QCWA chapter 224, celebrating it's 1st anniversary. and... That callsign seem familiar? It is none other than that of the Grand Old Man of the Party, Ray-Da Grump, who is celebrating his own 90th year! We're excited to celebrate the guy who owns - and has owned - many party records.

Ray is a Charter member of both Chapters, and the most recent past president of Chapter 17.

They will have a Multi-County effort this year, and will be operating:


Let's party like someone forgot to lock the front gate!